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Kindreds' name developed from the idea that we must work together to achieve great things. You remember that one person who taught you "that one thing" forever. Every time you tie that knot, or wrap up a sling the right way, you remember. That is the definition of kindred, relationship, and conditioning; are the invaluable lessons and ideas handed down from those before us. Being 100% Indigenous Owned, Kindred aims to support the local community, as well as adhere to all environmental and economically sustainable practices.

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Calgary's resilient economy and new construction has created many opportunities for us to be able to support the already established suppliers in our market. We are excited to work with the city, and our partners to create a prosperous future for everyone. 
- Josh 
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Josh has shared in many great successes since his start in the industry 15+ years ago. From the construction of Devon Jackfish 2 back in 2010 (using the lost art of "Jack & Roll" or "slide" for the young whipper snappers), to the erection of towering wind turbines in Albertas badlands in the present day. Having taken part in such a wide variety of services across Canada, and the Northern Territories, it was finally time to get his finger back on the pulse of his local community of Calgary, Alberta. 

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What We Do

Site Inspections

1:1 consulting and job planning with your budget and timeline in mind.

Hot Shot

We will discuss various options for the logistical requirements of your job.


We can rent personnel baskets, spreader bars, rigging, etc. 

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