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"Let the crane do the strain"

We'll take a load off your mind. From planning to execution, our mission is to provide the safest and smoothest item relocation, with minimal downtime.

Call me and I will provide all the information, and equipment needed to get it done.

Shovel maintenance with TCC1100




Plan the work, and work the plan. Whether you need something lifted over live production equipment, or using the machine close to its full capabilities. You should have an engineered drawing, ensuring the plan is thorough and concrete. 

Rigging experts

"Let the crane do the strain" Is a timeless adage I heard from one of my first mentors, and I have him to thank for all the money I've saved on chiropractor bills. Along with knowing when to use a crane, you must also know how to use the crane properly. As Red Seal trained professionals continuing to learn year after year, there is nobody you can trust more than an experienced operator to safely move your load.

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Our Projects

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Our Services

We provide crane services to Calgary, and the surrounding area. Big or small lifts whether indoors or outdoors.

Lift Plan

Engineered lift plans for the more complex setups and lifts.

Steel Structures

Offoading, sorting, and erecting steel structures with a skilled operator is one of the easiest ways you can save money on your project.

Mechanical Repairs

Elevator components, pumps, valves, removal and replacement operations.

Hot Tub Installation

Over-house, backyard and second story. Delivery options available upon request.

Pre-cast structures

Tilt-up, Running rigging, and spreader bar rentals available.

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